Assisting Hillcrest-Marlow Heights Students Through Scholarships

Hillcrest-Marlow Heights Civic Association Dollars for Scholars® (HMHCA Dollars for Scholars®) is a nonprofit organization that supports students residing in the Hillcrest-Marlow Heights communities of Prince George's County, Maryland with scholarships for academic success and community service.

Each June, the Chapter presents scholarship awards to graduating high school seniors, continuing college students and students attending vocational school.  Students may apply for scholarships through the web portal to receive consideration for a scholarship award. Student must complete a "Student Profile" (application) to provide required information for HMHCA Dollars for Scholars to consider the student for an award.  Student may begin the "Student Profile" by going to the Students and Parents page in this Web Site and clicking the "log-in" button at the bottom of the page.   Applications are accepted for consideration from February 1, 2018 through  May 28, 2018 of each year.  

A primary criterion for award consideration is that the student and/or his/her family participate in community service with the HMHCA Dollars for Scholars® or other community service.  The selection process takes into consideration academic achievement, community service, extra-curricular activities, family situation and a written statement of goals and aspirations.

Each year our Chapter raises funds for the scholarship awards.  Volunteers, including the parents of award recipients and students, participate in the fundraising campaigns.  Fundraising activities includes a donation request through letter correspondence with community residents and friends, Association members, businesses, churches and state/county elected officials.  Other fundraising efforts include bus trips to gaming locations, participation in a local cash raffle, submission for grant awards and t-shirt sales.

The Hillcrest-Marlow Heights Civic Association Dollars for Scholars® Chapter holds an annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony and Dinner to recognize students' achievements and to present scholarship awards.  During the 2017 annual awards ceremony, 21 students received scholarship awards totaling $42,000 and 4 students received 8th grade Recognition Awards totaling $800 for a total of $42,800.
The 28th annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony will be held on June 21, 2018 (6:45 pm) at the Holy Family Church School Complex in the Allen Drury Room, 2210 Callaway Street, Temple Hills, MD 20748. For information on this ceremony contact; Fred Davis 301 641-0428
Together the Hillcrest-Marlow Heights Civic Association predecessor scholarship program and the Dollars for Scholars® program have awarded 505 scholarships totaling more than $800,000 since 1988
This website provides information from our Chapter to our volunteers, community and students. You can learn more about our history, goals and volunteers through the "About Us" link, and find out what's new by clicking on "News and Events." Volunteers - and those who are interested in becoming volunteers - can click on "Volunteer Login" to get connected.
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